This series is specifically designed & engineered to meet and exceed OEM products for the respected high-end customers, having very rigorous requirements and expectations for the brake products to match and serve their luxury vehicles.  

● The Advanced 4th Generation OEM Ceramic Formation and Real OEM Positive Technology
● Precision-cut Backing Plates for Smooth Braking Movements and Reducing Noise
● Premium OEM Cloth-Type Shims Made in Sweden 
● OEM Design Slots and Chamfers
● 650 Scorched to 1-2mm to Reduce Break-in Time and Defeat Fade
● Titanium Strips Technology (TST) to Shorten Break-in Time
● Weld-Mesh or Patented“FRICTION-LOCK”Backing Plate (Where Applicable)
● OEM Electronic Wear Sensors (Where Applicable)
● OEM Style Nitrile-Polymer Coated Stainless Steel Hardware Kits (Where Applicable)
● ECE-R90 Certified US Performance SAE2784, Noise SAE2521 and Wear SAE2707 Tested 
● Synthetic Grease Tube Included
● In Compliance with CA&WA 2021 Restrictions with Environmental Friendly Low or Zero Copper Asbestos Free, Heavy Metal Free

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