Designed for various daily hardworking vehicles .Deliver best in class performance, quiet, low dust and durability 

●  Advanced Semi-met and NAO Formulations
●  Precision Arch-Grinding Provides Accurate Fitment and Contacts Between Shoe Lining and Brake Drums,            Eliminating Vibration and Rear-wheel Lock up
●  100% New Carbon Steel, Automatic Weldors Deliver Superior Strong Welding Points on the Cores
●  Riveted or Bonded Match the OEM Design Provide Superior Shearing Resistence
●  Levers and Hardware Match OEM Design
●  Levers & Hardware Coated for Maximum Corrosion Protection and Life

●  ECE-R90 Certified US Performance SAE2784, Noise SAE2521 and Wear SAE2707 Tested

●  In Compliance with CA&WA 2021 Restrictions with Environmental Friendly Low or Zero Copper Asbestos              Free, Heavy Metal Free

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